One day tour

Horse-back riding
Trekking and more...

Horse-back riding and “churrasqueada”

The day starts at the estancia’s horses yards and stables where we offer a traditional farm-sidebreakfast. Once the horses are enlisted, the ride is a truly wonderful experience where we cross the guanaco river on several occasions. We also offer the unique chance to admire the amazing patagonic fauna which includes: guanacos, foxes, condors, mountain lion and “aguila mora”.

Once our ride is finished (2 hours) we will serve a typical “churrasqueada” by the river bank.

Treakking and return

With renewed energies we visit Los Glaciares National Park. The visitors will be able to enjoy a short and easy hike of 30 to 40 minutes and reach a fantastic view point. Then we will return to “the Estancia” where fishing enthusiasts will have access to the Guanaco river where different types of trouts and salmons can be found. For those who wish the can go a beautiful stroll near the casco and appreciate the river and fauna or simply rest. Finally we will return to Calafate.

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Your trip will be unforgettable

At the foot of  “The Andes”, in a magnificent frame of high mountains, winding rivers and wide steppes, “Estancia La Sofía” invites tourists from all around the world to discover the magical charm of Southern Patagonia, in Argentina…