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At the foot of  “The Andes”, in a magnificent frame of high mountains, winding rivers and wide steppes, “Estancia La Sofía” invites tourists from all around the world to discover the magical charm of Southern Patagonia, in Argentina. Just 90 miles away from El Calafate city, but completely secluded from large tourists crowds, we want to introduce our guests into a world of unique sensations that have made of this destination an international tourist attraction.

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Estancia La Sofía is located in the south extreme of the Argentine Republic, where the Province of Santa Cruz draws the last contour of the American Continent. At 150 km from the City of El Calafate and 120 km from its International Airport, the estancia’s lodge rests by the province route n69km. 48, on the southern bank of the guanaco river.

Santa Cruz Ruta Provincial Nro. 69


End of the 19th century

The history of our Estancia dates back to the end of the 19th century, where Southern Patagonia was a land of myths and legends, known only in its confines by adventurous pioneers who came mostly from abroad. The Lake Viedma region is known for the settlement of a large colony of Scandinavian immigrants, including the Westerlund Family of Finnish origin. Arvid Westerlund, having had a brief stay in Patagonia and decided to populate the vast extensions of Southern Argentina, decides to return to Finland in order to get married and persuade his brother, Nils, to accompany him in the arduous task. By contracting marriage with Edith Sofia Rosqvist, and having achieved the company of his brother, they acquire what is now Estancia La Sofía. With plenty of effort, the Estancia was shaped, with its new houses and sheds and many miles of wires to contain the growing sheep farm.

Towards the end of the 40’s the wool company showed very good results. The establishment’s growth continued steadily for many years, even during Nils’s illness, when he found the unvaluable support of one of his sons-in-law: Álvaro Escobar.

Nils Westerlund died in 1977 in a time when the appearance, in massive form, of synthetic fibers became the industrial replacement of wool. Slow but inexorably, the years of apogee faded away, even though Alvaro worked tirelessly and successfully to keep the Estancia running when many others left their fields, farms or ranches. Finally, in 1993, different family reasons forced Alvaro to sell the Estancia. Don Jacinto Gómez was the acquirer of La Sofia, also a pioneer and outstanding character of the Lake Argentino region. Don Jacinto was the one who finally sold the property to its present owners, also of Patagonian origins and Santacruceños. They are the ones who, through these lines, wish to render a heartfelt homage to all those who forged the history of La Sofia.